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A Blind Eye - Alan Larson

A Brand New Day - Lissette Mehl 

Apache - Adam Seidel 

Band of Doctors - Dengxian Cao

Behind Her Reflection - Kay Kestner

Berserk - Ryan Macdonald

Betty Blue Eyes - Nicolas Charron

Blood Tattoo - Bruce Hickey

Blue Dreams - Jonathan Samuel

Box of Glass - Kevin Howard

Callers to Our World - Salvatore Bono

Camp - Devon Villacampa

Catch - Paul Rosengren

Cesar & Max - Susan Klos

Clearwater - Heather McDonald

Collision of Duty - J. Jermaine Jones

Cuffing Season - Jon Bershad

Disc Golf, Zombies! - Josh Bryson

Donavan Emery, The Android & Himself - Jesse Dorian

Escape From Pet Heaven - Avery Koenig

Falls the Hammer - Douglas Corleone

Fiddlers - Thomas Schrack

Field of Weeds - Kelly Karam

Flash Card - Joseph Stephen Meadows

Flying Bird's Diary - Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

Fool Moon - Wes Cambron

From Above - Ben Tedesco

Gamble - Kyle Mumford 

Gender Perfect - Brian Wapole

Hollywood Driver - Manny Kargov

How it Ends - Josh Corrigan

I Am Norah Fields! - David China Woolf

Ideals -  Ally Sedgwick

Insatiable -  Brian Koukol

Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig - Craig Highberger 

Jone - John Seery

Just a Hitch - Kate Powis

Kentucky Fried Karma - Rick Zingale

Knock On Wood - George Kellis

Lavinia - Rhonda Stegall Aycock 

Low Country - Janifer Youmans 

Merryville - Laura Skopec

Midnight Wake - Lana Van De Mark

Minnesota Nice - Jonquil Goode

Mixteco Kid - Miguel Orozco

Noobs - Kevin Dembinsky

Nora. And George. - Katherine Saviana

Our Maker - Sky Tallone

Our Rules of Engagement - Amber Meadows

Pustka - Edel Dmytro Oksamyt

Reformation - Stefan Alexander
Retributive Justice - Tapash Dutta

Rocks on the Lawn - Damon Norko

Saint Nociva - Stephanie Dyer

Salvation Lost - Aaron Michael Bailey 

Sands of Lanikai - Greg Blair

Saving Dr. King - Douglas Fritz

Scars And Shades - Shreyans Chhajed

Serafina Stavinovna - Sarah Chaisson-Warner

Silver - Joseph Murillo

Shelley - Sean Price

Stargazers - Joe Favalaro

T. - Jermaine T. Jackson

Takedown - Mark Cooper

Tartan - Erin Wilcox

The Bacheliar - Alex Kugelman

The Banksters - Marianda VP
The Brad Statue - Fuzzy Speare

The Fox - Marc Castaldo 

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Steven Howard

The Library of Forgotten Technology - Mari Winther

The Lock-In - Maalik Evans

The Lucky Dead - Richard O'Brien

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair - Ryan Mekenian

The Riveter - Tristan Venture

The Patron Saints of Lost Causes - Ann Thurber

The Princess Club -  Michael Thomas Yahn

The Pulpit - Tosin Morohunfola

The Runner - Michael Buonocore 

The Unseen - Shiva Ramanathan
The Vineyard - Tyler Morris

The Wraith Within - Mark T. Wellington

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - Pierce Young

Time - Jonathan Kolo
Time after Time - Brandal McReynolds 

Tomorrow Is Just Another Yesterday - Christopher Gallagher
Too Horrible To Mention - Rob Gruen
Trice - Matt Foss

Triggered - RoCo Carino

Twins of Opportunity - Mahtub Mochanloo
What Happens at Church Camp  - Lucas Abreu

The Short List is subject to change prior to the final announcement on Jan. 31st

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