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2019 Festival Winners

Grand Jury Prize WInner


In a dystopian future, two teen lovers, on the run from a government agency, take refuge in an abandoned building and discover they may have literally been made for each other.

Wild Geese




Rebel Tides by Andrea Moore

In this post-apocalyptic tale, modern warfare meets medieval after a catastrophic event thrusts the world back into the dark ages. A friend turns enemy rules the land through fear and famine. His former brother in arms will have the courage to lead a rebellion to take back their country after he is shaken out of apathy by the savagery of his once ally. 


The Greatest Height by Helen Marsh

A rebellious and quirky young woman seeks true love in the form of a do-gooder church boy. However, after heart break and betrayal she finds something much better. She finds God.


Playing with Spiders by Rylan Rafferty

A jaded pregnant woman teams up with two lovable ghost hunters to uncover the mystery of a spider-worshipping cult haunting a rural hotel.




Lucky Number 7 by Jessica Coleman

A group of high school friends find new ways to achieve their goals whether it’s finding love, getting some extra cash, or finally getting out of their dead-end town. They just might need some help from above... or below.


Gone by Mary Goldman + Tim House

A teenage farm boy flees the family farm after suffering abuse from his alcoholic father.


La Prova by Eliana Crestani

A number of surreal events unfold in Alyena"s life as she tries to write her book and get it published -- and we discover that dream-like and waking-like realities are endlessly contained in each other like a series of Chinese boxes.




The Lake by Adam Seidel

A business-savvy NYC woman heads back to her hometown in Wisconsin to attend the funeral of her father, whom she was estranged from years prior due to bad family business practices, and she re-connects with conniving siblings, strikes up a psycho-sexual relationship with her male counterpart, and tries to learn the truth about her father's death and the real goings-on with the family business. 


Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

A traumatized town struggles to recover from a brutal school shooting while desperately hiding their dark secrets from the media...and each other. 


High by Eva Meiling Pollitt

Buried addictions are unearthed and relationships disrupted when a reckless snowboard bum returns to the tight-knit Rocky Mountain ski-town of her youth and awakens passions, old and new.


Web Series


Coconut Confidential by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen

Set in 1990 in a predominately white suburb, a meek black teenager wants to rekindle her BFF relationship with her best and only black friend but they’ve moved in different racial and social circles, in this high school it matters if you're black or white.


The Path to Betrayal by Phillip Tucker

The CIA, in the Eighties, formed a Black ops unit. It was made up of Elite Soldiers from Allied countries, no Americans. Why, twenty years later, is the CIA still trying to terminate them?


Flat-Chested Fran by Helene Taylor

Fran faces the challenges of peer pressure, while juggling over-protective parents, the death of her pet and the possibility she’ll be called “Little Guy” in perpetuity if she doesn’t come up with a strategy before the first day of high school.

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