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Every entry free receives
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BOLT is an innovative screenplay competition from the creators of Barnstorm Fest. The rules are simple: Submit a short film screenplay, web series or television pilot then Barnstorm Media chooses the winner and MAKES YOUR MOVIE OR PILOT!

For six seasons BOLT has produced a wide array of shorts and pilots that have helped launch careers. This year, we're adding a bonus:

Your film will screen at the annual Blue Ridge Film Festival!


Barnstorm Media will produce the winning script, providing all aspects of production, from pre-production through post-production. You will be the Executive Producer and will work in collaboration with Barnstorm Media. When the film/pilot is complete, you will retain complete ownership. We mean it when we say Barnstorm Makes YOUR Movie.

Every submission receives feedback from the producers at Barnstorm Media.​


You will be the Executive Producer of your own short film or pilot produced by Barnstorm Media! You will retain complete ownership of the film/pilot with Barnstorm Media brings your vision to life. Starting this year, the winner of BOLT will also screen at the Blue Ridge Film Festival!


Three Finalists will receive a one on one consultation with a feature film producer about how to get your movie made!​ Finalists will also join Coverfly's Writer Development Project!


  1. The screenplay must be between 1-79 pages, not including the cover page.​

  2. You may submit as many entries as you'd like.

  3. ​Screenplays must be in English, formatted to industry standards, and submitted as PDFs.

  4. Scripts submitted to the competition must NOT have been previously optioned, purchased, or produced at the time of entry.

  5. Barnstorm's competition decisions are final.

  6. The production schedule is entirely at the discretion of Barnstorm Media.

  7. Barnstorm reserves the right to potentially bring in production partners. In this, and only this instance, the winning script will be offered a $500 option offer.

  8. In the event of multiple writers, list all additional co-writers on the title page. Please NOTE: Barnstorm divides awards equally among co-writers.​

Have Barnstorm make your movie and submit to BOLT today!


Previous Winners

Season 7

Paul Clarke

Three friends build a computer capable of receiving emails from the future, but the messages from their future selves are not what they expected.

Season 6

Stuart A. Pollack

A phone call with a telemarketer brings out a man's true self.

Season 5

by Sebastian Watson

A veterinarian and his cop wife are in conflict on how to deal with their daughter's werewolf curse.

Season 4

by Sara Cooper

A Type A romantic polyamorist struggles to keep her rapidly expanding family from falling apart.

Season 3


by Glyn Carter

A couple check into a hotel room, each secretly fantasising about ways of destroying the other... 

Season 2

Those Last Moments

by Dimi Nakov

In a dystopian future, Casey and her two brothers have become really good at surviving on almost anything while searching for their parents, but one night an unknown force abducts the youngest brother and the oldest dies in her hands, which leaves Casey with a difficult choice to make, that most of us hopefully never have to.

Season 1


by Marshall Gillson

Shyla wakes up alone in a white room. Who is she? Or rather, what is she?

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