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(Television + Audio)

Best Coach Ever - Elizabeth Ditty 

Bloom - Brooke Solomon

Confluent - H. R. Siegel

Curve Minded - Chené Lawson

Dear Sylvia - Kylie Boersma

Death & Detroit - Katharine Densmore 

Faith - Christopher O'Bryant

Fargo: A Doll in a Hole - Francesco Capussela

Fits the Crime - Steve Blame

For The Good Times - J. Phillip Wilkins

Free Spirits - Katharine Densmore

Full Count - Cam Eickmeyer

Gods of Olympus Street - Will Kisor

Heart/Beat - Jackson Barker

Here For You - Michael Buonocore

Hot Town - Megan Rees

I’m Tryin’ Too - Tracy L Morris

In Dreams - Michael Delude

Iri$ - Carrie Fishbane

I Would Kill For That - Matthew Hoch

Ladylike - Rachel Rios

Legalese - Lindsay Glazer

Lethal Weapons - Adam Hopwood

Magic Egg Roll - Rick Williams

Means of Egress - Sofie Lebow

Noire - KV Kramer

Necropolis - Caledonia Hanson

Odysseus - David Barbeschi

Potent - Shannon Rayne
Roadkill - Harrison Hamm

Scenes From the Opposite Side of the Moon - Anthony Colombini

Sonora - Sir Allen Short
Space TV - Ryan Bennett

Student Affairs - Rodrigo Varandas

TBD - Jena Kaplaniak

Tears and Redemption - Enrique Orozco
The Grad Assistant - Candler Proffitt

The Image Maker - Marina Shron

The Legend of Damarosch - Emily Vere Nicoll
The Megalomaniacs - Samuel Sutton

The Old Story - Keri Kaiulani Picolla 

The Pilgrimage - Christian Maxwell 

The Priest Murders - Vince Devlin

The Surgeon - Richard Anderson
The Winters - Claire Irene Giegerich
Til Your Last Breath - Timothy Ryan Hickernell
Toon Factory - Darren Joe
Space TV  - Ryan Bennett
Vibes Detective's Agency - Alex Shifman

Alley Cats - Amber Henry
Anywhere the Wind Blows - Jay Liu
A One Time Thing - Justin Nosler
A Quality of Mercy - Vanessa Ionta Wright
Arcadian - Michael Forster

Breathe - Mark Labella 
Doldrums - Le Chau
Ese Día - Alycya Magana
Eyes and Broken Hearts - Kieran Johnson
First Days - Jen Prince

Found - Ellen Ancui
Futility - Dimitris Mantalias
Hotel - Alexander Misiti
Hot Rates to Omaha - David-Matthew Barnes
Into The Dark Wood - Benjamin Rummans 
Lockdown in Lottsburg - Samuel Hatcher
Long Pork - Iris Dukatt
Losing Grace - Constance Chang
Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue - Levi Wilson 
My Ancestors’ Song - Melissa Mars
Naked Eddie - Marisa Imon
No Witness, No Case - Shantel Thompson
One Last Thing, Before I Go - Tyler Schultz
One Step at a Time - Sabine Carduck
Rachel Sings - Becky Granger
Seekers - Christopher Frost 
Seep - J. L. Paxxiel
Spear Phishing - Nono Tamura
The 9 - Adam Hartwiński
The Blouse - Ksenia Naughton 
The Combat Of The Most Intriguing Mind - Abhishek Mishra 
The Grey Scare - David Clark
The Loud Silence of God - Claudio Torres

The Question - Peter Tamaribuchi
To the Land of Fire - Mykola Kutola 
Twilight's Reproach - Xavier Walker
Volition - Emily James
VR House - Barbara G Grant
What's Right for You - Christian Means
Worlds Apart - Ron Artis Jr.
Worst Enemy - Kevin Machate + Todd Rodgers

The Short List is subject to change prior to the final announcement on Jan. 31st

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