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A Brand New Day - Lissette Mehl

ACHILLES - Ivan Beste

A Foot In The Door - Jeffrey Slaff

After the Fact - Dhun Sharma

Ain't that a Kicker - Miles R.

A Labour of Love - Olga Holtz

All Out There - Shawn Johnson

Anaphora - Dominique Saint Malo

An Emerald Christmas - M Lashomb

A Promise I Made to Mr. Bagels - R. Ciolfi 

A One Time Thing - Justin Nosler

Arabelle - Steve Trebilcock

Assegai - Karl Jansen

Ayden: The Exceptional - Arthur Glenn

BadCop, BadCop - Leon Freeman Jr.

Betty Blue Eyes - Nicolas Charron

Big in Japan - Kayne Gorney+Maria Hinterkoerner

Big Trouble In Tokyo - Scott Harmon

Blow Fly - Patrick Taylor

Boomerang The Great - Ana Rand Dominick

Brush Contact - Lewis Carter

Built to Last - Ellen Winburn

By the Dark of the Black Blood Moon - S. Prano

Cambridge - Marilyn Hegefeld

Carnegie's Call - Ryan Skinner 

Chessboard Rumble - Jens 'Pil' Pilegaard 
Cinderella - Sooze Thornton

Circles of Hell - Joseph Tamborello

Citizen - Marshall Ferrin 

Cutters - Christine Gerardi 

Daphne - Hope Yoon

Darling Clementine - Ned Thorne

Decoherence - Andrew Stewart

Descending Skies - Liz Biscevic

Diaries of Elizabeth Frankenstein - Daniel Kostic

Diegesis - Benjamin Owens

Dove's Labyrinth - Jenn Fonteyn

Dry by Midnight - Gregory Caruso

Earl's Gotta Die - Heather Shapiro 

Edge of Humanity - Craig Court

ELEPHANT PATH - Robert Wooldridge

Empty House - Raynard Goodman

ERGOSPHERE - Martin McLoughlin

Escape from Pet Heaven - Avery Koenig 

Evergreen - Phoebe Zimmerer

Everything Said Welcome - Joshua D. La Russa

For the Sake of a Girl - Cecelia Farrah

F#KED UP - Nikolay Romanov


Gender Perfect - Brian Wapole

Good F*ck Charm - Isabelle Davis

HALSTED - Jacobo Fe Gismera

Hay's Code - Andrew Bryan Smith

Heirlooms - Matthew Kelcourse

Hot Desk - Terry Phelan

Infinity Canvas - Jay Hodgkins     

INSURRECTION - Simon Bowler Khan

In The Name of The Father - Peter Macaluso

Intrepid - Mike Langer

IRON MAN NEVER DIED - Shreyans Chhajed

Isolation - Brian Whiteman

It Took Five - Donna Loehrer

Josefina - Kevin Walsh

Julie La Maupin - Jack Steeley
Just One Inch - Georgette Skolnick
Literally Too Mad To Die - Chris Martin

Lord Almighty - John Mitchell

Maeve and Sile - Grainne Ferrigan

Man's World - Alexander Julian

Meme - Vikki Harris

Mordred's Song - Enrique Dueñas González 

MOTHER UP - Chris Crowley

Mr. Morgan Returns - Willie Kalema

Need - Cote Bellard

Night Of The Living Decorations - Steffany Sommers 

Nowhere Jungle - Emeka Obika Banor

Offside - Hayley Griffin

Off the Mat - John Acquaviva

Old Patrol - Kevin Jordan

Ouroboros - Red Davis

Out of Water - Madi Stine

Over the Hill - Laura Kemp

Peria - Marcus Looney-Brooks

Pleasant - Dr. Darla Drendel

Put On A Happy Face - Meli Nunyakpe

Original Sound - Adam Seidel

Ostre - Stef Piermattei 

Quarantine One - Miles R.

Reformation - Stefan Alexander

Rent Boy - R. W. Perkins

Reptiles of Montgomery County - Joey Noce

RIP VAN WILSON - Phillip Hardy

Rodeo Joe - The Geare Brothers

Say His Name - Chris Willis

Sent Away - Joel McElvaney

Silver - Joseph Murillo 

Skin - Matisse Haddad

Somewhere In The Sugar Cane - Kayla Jessica Serrano

Sheep's Clothing - Anna Dudley

Stoneface - J.R. Spaulding, Jr. 
Suncatcher - Keith Wilcox

Tell It On The Mountain - Michael Sexton

That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters - Eide Lee


The Agave Diary - Robert Borrego
The Brother - Jeffrey Perry
The Children of Lilith - Siobhan Finkielman
The Chronocar - Steve Bellinger
The Civil Servant - Jennifer Weber

The Exceptionally Crafty... - K .McLoughlin 
The Fatal Error - Nicholas R. Zingarelli 
The Fate Lord Game - Zoran Videnovic

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Steven Howard

The Henchman - Ian Oliphant
The Judas Apocalypse - Dan McNeil

The Lost Crystal Of Kulvar - Danielle Reeves 
The Moon Has Left the Heavens - Jenn Fonteyn
The Mountain - Catherine Owens

The Night Doctors - Christian Maxwell 

The Orion Queen - Howard Buddy Lewis III
The Patron Saints of Lost Causes - Ann Thurber
The Place of the Lost Things - Jerzy P. Suchocki
The Promised Letter - Alexander Yakobovich
The Puppeteer - Delorean Jones

The Sojourner - Sean Jasko

The Solar Knights - Sylvester Fryson Jr

The Town: Rising - Giasin-Iason Naas

Thou Shalt Not - Howard Lewis

To Make a Murder - Cam Eickmeyer
Transistor Radio - Georgia Bloo Nicolaou
Treasure Trap - Jack Warner

Twenty-Seven - Gregory Caruso

Undocumented Minors - Weiyang Liu
VOLANTINO - Russ Eisenman

Warning Signs - Aaron Michael Bailey

Warrior-born -Jeanne Haskin

Welcome to America - Weiyang Liu
What Comes Through - Kyle C. Mumford
Where There's A Will - Erin Hickman
Y2KIDS - Cole Thompson


13 Steps - Loren Davis
AMAYA - Dan Slavin
An Untethered Woman - Cynthia Webb
Blood Spiller - Andre Salloom
Broken - Lishai Rice
Carnage Avenue - Matt Curtsinger
Circle Of Jerks - David Poric

Dirty Baal - Yumna Khan
Downline - Jacob Zorn
Five Scenes on Love, Faith, and Loss - Mykola Kutola
Flotsam - Siobhan Mithen
free martin - Scott Thompson
Green - Alison Ruiz
Handle With Care - Allison Orr Block

Hidden Infantry - Kalvin Ogbuefi
Iron Fist - Kagure Kabue
Loving Frames - Alessia Mavakala
Michelle's Griffin - Roberto Alvarenga
My Truck - Cory Dean Ford
Pandora - Crystal Stauffacher
Patrimony - Phillip Dishon
Perfect Vision - Matt Curtsinger
Ramona - David Woll

Reset - Jarred Keane
Salsa Sangre - Nathan Castiel
Salt in Soil - Hina Effie Ogino
Skunk - Toby McShane
The Apex Sentinel - Johnny M. Garcia 
The Bench - Tammy Boyer
The Boy with the Magic Flute - Saul Preciado-Garcia

The Dancing Ballerina - Jorge Serrano Sierra
The Masque Of Death - Josh Bryson
The Nine Lives of Honey Chang - Constance Chang
The North William's Murders - Chris Gutierrez 
The Nurse - Joyce Kostakis
There's Something in the Water - Julia M. Sauder
Tumbling - Hannah Siden
Vortex - Anthony Marcon

Who Are You, Nanu
? - Anjini Taneja Azhar


A Jealous Mistress - David Woll 

Angela's Archive - Greg McCarron

Aris - VP Evans 

Atlas - Matthew Habibeh
A Troubled Past - Christopher Walker

Belladonna - Danielle Tjoelker

BRENDA & EDDIE - Frank Vespe

BUTCH - Rae Binstock

Camp Psychopathways - Danny Galvin

CHASING THE DARK - Mike Bencivenga

Children of New York - Michelle Santy

Clean Sweep - Isabelle Davis

Crossing the Red Line - Dan Fried 

Crown Of Thorns - Sarah Mellas

DeCode Switch - April Denise Kimble

Dingbats - Kevin Brunner

Displacement - Toby Marks

EATER - Cathriona Slammon 

EDDIE - Frank Vespe

Enigma - Christian Maxwell

Everything Has Changed - Sufian Abulohom

Fortunato's - Amanda Barbaro

GOLD COAST - Ryan Galliher

Ineffable - Marcus McGee

Iris - Carrie Fishbane

Jarwick Castle - Alexia Buchholz
LimitxBreak - Aidan Pullian
Me! - Deontae Simolien
Mortality - Seamus Gearin

Offspring - Hannah Silverman
Ottercity - Dani Marunovic
Pink and Purple - Jazeel Gayle
PREMONITIONS -Chris Schmalz 

​Quantum Entanglement - KC Kramer

Sex Sells - Chad Oliver

SHE.E.O - Teri Shavoz

Spell Slinger - Brian Johns

Superior - Sean Jasko
TEE - David LeBlanc

The Affected - Shane Harbinson
The After War - Matthew Kelcourse

The Bender Girls - Rachel Leighson
The Blade of Cyrene - Robert Davis
The Esoteric Library - Christian Maxwell

The Firekeeper - Dan Stevens
THE HOUSE OF TANG - Lisa Iannini 

The Killing Trade - Christopher Baker
The Tale of Two Brothers - Deontae Simolien
Wakiza Territory - Helen Brower
YUMMY! - Pam Price
You'll Be Sorry in the End - Chachee Valentine

World Wrestling League of Badassery - Lee Lucero

Wickedest Man Alive - Autumn Cavender

The Short List may be amended prior to the Finalists announcement on Jan. 19th.

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