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Every great writer needs a great reader.

Barnstorm Media is proud to introduce a first of its kind service, YEAR ROUND FEEDBACK! 


When you subscribe to Feedback Loop, you'll receive in-depth analysis from the producers at Barnstorm Media for script after script and draft after draft. And we've expanded our already incisive and revered feedback!


Here's how it works:

1) Subscribe to Feedback Loop

2) Send us a script

3) Within two weeks, you'll receive feedback
4) Send us a new draft or a new script

5) Within two weeks, you'll receive feedback

6) Send us a new draft or a new script

7) Within two weeks, you'll receive feedback

8) And on, and on, for ONE FULL YEAR!


Right now, Feedback Loop is only $350. That's less than $15 for each round of feedback!


You may send a feature-length screenplay, short film screenplay, a television pilot or two episodes of a web series!


Your feedback will be marked directly on your script so that it's easy to process and apply the notes. We're here to help you make your script the best it can be. We're here to ensure your vision is fully articulated on the page. Click here to see a sample of our feedback!


Barnstorm Media's ultimate goal is the preservation of independent film through the nurturing of independent voices.


Monthly subscriptions are currently on sale for only $39.99/month! One time reads are also available.

Announcing: Feedback Loop scores can now help boost your Coverfly score!

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