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A Labour of Love - Olga Holtz

All We Leave Behind  - Paul Rowe

Anastasis - Simon Laurence Doyle

As Good As Dead - Stacy Talus

Ask Already - Sandra Lince

Bark - Dan Bernardi

Benny Wilson Sucks - Peter Macaluso

BFFs Never Say Die -  K. Jennifer Ilagan

Buddha's Shadow - Pattana Thaivanich

Blunt Force - Kellie Christensen 

Broken Vessels - Andrew Adams

Brood Witch - Rich Kinnunen

Cadenza -  Mark Nahuysen

Callers to Our World -  Salvatore Bono

Call Me Thor - Jamie Campbell 

Children of Yellow - Madeline Jade (MJ) Prins

Concrete Evidence - Paul Clarke

Dead Mom Friend Summertime Fun Club - Alex Walker

down the line - Sean Nogues

Duplicitous - Arthur Glenn

Fatal Insomnia - Andrew Dean Pearson

Fidelity - Kayla Hendy

Fire Proof Safe - Julio DeSanctis 

Final Girl - Zach Jansen

Foggy Night in Transylvania - Jerzy P. Suchocki

Gemini - James LeJeune

Good Riddance, Gary! -  Paul Mahoney

Hail Mary - Sophia Baratti

Hold Fast - Dallas Gibson 

Home-less - Simonton

How Holly Hox Became Punk Rock - Veronica Chavira

How to Make it in Hollywood - Christopher O'Bryant

Iconoclast - Gannon Kenney

In the Meanwhile... - Michael Elder

Involuntary -  Jaime Kawamoto

Iron Sultan - Jamaul Phillips

Kali on the Ropes - Ali Choucri

Library of Forgotten Technology - Nina Winther

Like Sisters -  Barbara Lauria

Martyrdom - Alessandro Guarino

Minnesota Nice - Jonquil Goode 

Mobnoxious - Frank Vespe

Mockingbird Hill -  Jodie Bullock

Mop Girl - Maggie Tomaszewski

Paint Made Flesh - Cady McClain

Pyre - Eleonora Mignoli

Quintessence Dance - Andrea Margaret Higgins

Reckless Behavior - Joe Favalaro

Rise of the Sphinx - Jayson Crittenden

River's Fall -  Stevie Howard

Saint Nociva - Stephanie Dyer

Snake - Marilynn Loveless
Space Girl - Cote Bellard

Stage People - Teddy Fischer

Stillwater - Christopher Schultz

Still Time to Change - Jim Grieco 

Such a Night - Benedict Ransley

Sugar - Jordan Haney

Survivor - Joshua T. Harrel

The Children - Russell Southam

The Curse, the Cure, and the Wedding - Barbara Lauria

The Department of Easy Virtue - Gary Blackwood

The Gold Curse - Jonathan Christian

The K spirit and the daughter of Elysium - Lissette Mehl

The Lady of the Shadows - Don Linnehan

The Last Encore - Gabrielle Nehring

The Little Mariachis - Robert Morales

The Man in the Rabbit Mask - Joel H. Brewster

The Man & The Mermaid’s Tale - Donna Loehrer

The Monitor - Erik Sternberger

The Passage of Sun - Aaron Braxton

The Spider - Matt Wanicur

The Warm Season - Adam Seidel

The Well - Patrick Leonard

The Supremes  - Benny Jean-Baptiste

This Love - Emmett Jack Lundberg

Touchy Feely - Josh Corrigan

Vincent and Paul - Frank Hays

Under The Moon - Ari Silver 
United We Stand - Tom Savage

Unorthodox - Judah Ray

Without a Hitch - Elizabeth Ditty
Would You Kiss Me - Muhamad Alfin Eka Rohadi

Zom-body to Love - Joey Day Hargrove

A Violent Yet Flammable World - JC Farris
Backstories - Tim Wesemann
Cairns - Samantha Soule
Chase - Lauren Noble 
Coyotl - Briana Gonzalez
Dani Kumari Is Going To Die Today - Talia Walters 
DIVR - Rae Binstock
Glass Closets - Madison Sean Flannery
Good Girl - Haley Dercher
Happy New Year - Sabine Carduck
Home Sweet Home - Moriah Kleinerman Steingart
Ice Cream and Other Disasters - Jennifer Giacalone
Into the Valley - Emily Somers
Medicine Man - William Dempster
Milly & Milo - Douglas Spaltro 
Our Past Has Eyes - Gina Screen

Scarecrow - Marley Inksetter
Squeak - Teresa Nigolian
Sunken Meadow - Courtney DeStefano
Sweet Dreams - Gary Alvarez
The Boneyard - M.r. Fitzgerald 
The REVVER - Mike Hanson

The Tortoise - Matthew Neff
We Were Promised Kingdoms - Lore V. Olivera



All is Not Lost - Ruth Johnson 

Anchor Ridge - Christopher O'Bryant 

Argos - Ellen Shanley

Bacaro - Dee Gilliam + Neil Evans

Ben Johnson Day - Kerena Marchant

Bleeding Ink - Kayla Hendy

Blood Revival - Doug Knox

Boyfriends - Ushmey Chakraborty

Bronze Bullets - Brooke Solomon

Buckshot Bubblegum - Adrion Trujillo

Channel Surfing - Iselle Slome

CRY HAVOC! - Jonathan Yates

Exonerated Justice - Kristy Thomas

Everything Has Changed - Sufian Abulohom

Everything Is Fine - Alex Vance

Ferdinand the Self-Aware NPC - Hugo van Essen

Fits the Crime - Steve Blame

Fuego Lento - Jose Mata

Future History - Brianna Ringo

Gardenias in the Darkness - George Graham

Hard Work - LeeAnne Lowry

Her Identity - Martin Yates

Holistic Admissions - Laurie McKinsey 

I've Seen Footage - Luke Muyskens

Kingdom's Divide -  David Allen

Legends - Danny Alex

Loa - Francisco da Silva 

Masamba - Writer X

Match - opeyemi 

MEDSTAR - Justice Schiappa

Mourning Glory - Katie Frorer

Nathan & Robin - Brian McDevitt

Negative Space - James Comfort II 
Old Millennial - Emily Messina 

Onny - Nonie Shiverick

Outcry - Reneaux Ruffin

Scenes From the Opposite Side of the Moon - Anthony Colombini

She's Reporting - Jessica Quiroli

Sister Widows - Hannah Pipes

Sol - James Fox 

Subnautica - Oscar Feltsten

Sugar - Kerri Quinn

Tesla & The Outlier's - Red Davis

The Art of Anxiety - Alfredo Enriquez

The Come-Heres - Tyler Coates

The Jovian Archives - Chance Smith + Harold Jackson

The Last Black Man on Earth - Joel Harold

The Vilna Chronicles - Ira Fuchs 

Trial by Marisha - Maud Brizard

Up Outta Here - J.L. Reed

Unpaid - Tori Collins

Veterinary Law - Dennis Paul

Wake Up - Timothy Porter

Who Killed Dante Duggan? - Gavin Howard

Winchester Bay - Mike Bell + Tyrone Breaux Jr. 

Witch Dynasty - Peter Noel

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