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 Season Two Grand Jury Prize WINNER


by Dimi Nakov

In a Dystopian Future Casey and her two brothers have become really good at surviving on almost anything while searching for their parents, but one night an unknown force abducts the youngest brother and the oldest dies in her hands, which leaves Casey with a difficult choice to make, that most of us hopefully never have to.

 Season Two finalists


by Lisa Hammer

A handsome, single local lighthouse keeper, a plane full of stewardesses, and a Goth cult battle a crooked gas company intent on fracking on their island, which has already caused enough deadly pollution to have stirred the ire of the mysterious sea monster, Ghostapus – a ghost octopus!


by Jess Waters

Struggling academically and increasingly the target of bullies, fifteen year old Winnifred Braxton joins recovering alcoholic Ozell Lance’s gym, where she trains to take on fellow female boxers.


by Christopher Andre

A reluctant shuttle captain on a mission to save Earth becomes trapped on a mysterious planet with a competing pilot; an android, a criminal engineer, and they must fight against a lost civilization of dangerous, forgotten technologies, undead skeletons and each other.

 Season ONE Grand Jury Prize WINNER


by Marshall Gillson

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