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The Best and Worst Day of Our Lives - Evan Worth 

Caroline Buxton's Lipstick Posse - Kelly Jean Karam 

The Cleansing - John Kennedy

Collage - Dilia Oviedo-Luciano

Con Job - Reuben Baron 

Cry No More - Craig Mellinger

Dead Dad - Amanda Burdine 

The Door - Robert Cox

Drivers & Drones - Haley Isleib 

Electronic Sounds from a Still Heart - Finley Mulligan

Evanesced - Rich Silverwood

Flying Bird's Diary - Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

The Great and Terrible Day - Marcos Lerma

Hey! - Christopher O'Bryant

Home - Marco Glinbizzi 

Lariat Girl - Suzanne Prescott 

Little Girl Blue - Maceo Greenberg

Long Mile - Ryan Hartley

Love at First Night - Alessandra Cardoso 

Mother Bear - Bryan Watkins

Night Terrors - David Morris

Pirate Tale -  Anna Maria Ellis 

Pro Caelio - Noah Keates

Remix - Anthony Coppola

Requited - William Johnston

Runaway Lane - James Howells 

Savior - Edward Dietrich

Stone - Tom Foran

Thunder Roars, Get Indoors - Gabrielle Gozo 

Tol’able David - Tammy Gross 

Visions - Danny Howell 

What if You Knew - Rolf Pfannerer

Wrestleworld - Antonii Evan 



Code Switch - Chidinma Orji 

The Colony - Jordan Friedberg

Coupled - Janet Silverman 

Dead Cargo & Family - T. Soderberg

Good Luck Charlie - Kenson Junicue

Hannah & Jake - Daniel Waters 

Haunting Party - Erik Sternberger

Juvenile - Andy Kushnir

King of the Everyglades - Sara Thorne 

Pax Gravitate - Paul Price 

Redshift X - Elizabeth Shum 

The Show - Thomas Johnston

Small Time - Rob Martinez 

Twin Cities - David Ash

Watts - Morris Jackson 

Yarborough Falls - Christopher Gooley 



The Cottages - John Darbonne

The Eulogist - Greg Nussen

Five Star Nanny - Jason Reinhardt 

Our Possible Life - Alex Hughes 

                SHORT SCREENPLAYS


Bella Loba - Florence Nahon 

Blind Man Bounty - Shiva Ramanathan 

The Blindness Network - D. Dominguez 

Daughter of Mars - Greg Burgess

Dead Awareness - Michael Charles 

Delicate Perception - Ana Ingham 

The Doe - James Kautz 

Generation Cy - Mark Anthony Ramitt 

Glass Bottles - David González 

Half-Cocked - Aaron Barrocas 

Invasion - Jaden Fooks 

Little Apollo - Ryan Trefes 

Molly Malone -  James Vincent 

North Star - P.J. Palmer

Reset - Emily McDermott

Splat - Natalie Peracchio 

Sweet Resolve - Christopher Kerr 

Torch - Angie Engelbert

To the Dead Sea - Philip Hogan

Viral - Nicholas Denton

Welcome To Your Mental Breakdown - T. Williams