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barnstorm media, llc © 2019

Why should I submit to Barnstorm?//

Barnstorm is one of a small handful of competitions that provides coverage analysis to every submitted screenplay. Barnstorm's coverage is provided solely by industry professionals. Barnstorm's ultimate goal is get your screenplay produced. The producers at Barnstorm Media are here to provide guidance for all of our finalists for as long as it takes. BARNSTORM MAKES YOUR MOVIE

What kind of scripts do you look for?//

All genres are accepted. In particular, we are looking for unique work that is production ready. Experimental work is also highly encouraged.

Is there a page limit?//

No. But all scripts over 120 pages will be charged an additional $10. Scripts with adjusted formatting in an attempt the cheat the 120 page mark will also be subject to the $10 surcharge.

Can I also enter other competitions?//


Do you accept spec scripts based on current or past television series?//


Do you accept international scripts?//


Can I submit the same script as last year//

Yes, especially if you apply the notes from our coverage!