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A Black Veil - Leslie Lyshkov

After -  Amy Rose Lipsky

After Hours - Don Linnehan

Away With My Heart - Hoyt Richards

Big Following - Daniel Mercaldi 

Billy & Daisy - Anthony Montes

Braless - Christine Fugate  

California - Adam Seidel

Coop - Joseph Leone 

Crawlspace - Jacob Wehrman 

Death of a Revolutionary - Marshall Ferrin

God Save the Prom Queen - Devi Snively

Highwayman - James Howells

Homecoming - Sean Collom 

Honor Janet - Anthony Osarfo

Kibou - Keith and Cassie Hayasaka 

Living in the Moments - Stephen Beyer 

Maddy Twelve and a Half - Anniken Gjelstad

Mercury Lake - George Snape

Mingo Road - Paul Cooper

Our Social Playground - Brendan Byrne

Pig Farm - Forrest Moore

Playing with Spiders - Rylan Rafferty 

Rebel Tides - Andrea Moore

Spindle City - Daniel Earney

Star Song  - John Kenny 

Three Days - Emilio Santín

Soul to Squeeze - Alex Arabian

The Age of Reason - Stephen Barber

The Controller - Miles Randall

The Gorge - Ryan Gavan

The Greater Good - Matthew Hoch +  Jason Noyes

The Greatest Height - Helen Marsh

The Pistoleers -  Ronson Duncan

The Scavengers - W. Jarvis Rooker

The Sum of All Mechanical Dreams - A. Blackwelder 

The Weight of Lies - Amanda Samaroo
Tillie - David Chester

True Love Waits - Sean Price 

Unreachable Divide - Troy Flangas
White City - Kevin Schwartz


Agent Mom - Janet Silverman

Apache - Cameron Barsanti 

Ardmore - Christine Brosky 

Bare Essentials - Richarda Sabino

Betwixt - Kathryn Orwig

The C Word - Evelyn Pitt-Stoller 

Epiphania - Jenna Ribbing

Esa - Joe Kourieh

Firsts - Oliver Warden

Halcyon Falls - Jeff Bower 

High - Eva MeiLing Pollitt

Inappropriate Behaviour  - J. Tremblay 

Lapse - Christopher O'Bryant

Quarter Master - Karl Archer 

Revolution - Timothy Porter

Simply Complicated - Stephanie Neroes

Soul Mecha - Clint Murphy

The Laptop - Ana Font Hernandez

The Pawn - Charlotte Cohn
The Process - Jordan FriedbergThrough Violet Eyes - S. Woodworth

Wallie's Gals  - Mary Ferrara 

The Westing Game - Grace Anderson

Shi**y Hall - Brian Golden + Jonathan Baude

Can't Spell Harmomy w/o Harm - A. Jeyakkumar

                SHORT SCREENPLAYS


Blind Vampire - Eric White

El - Luke Howe 

Fiberman -  Sergio Yanez 

Gone - Mary Goldman + Tim House 

Hide - Brian Barnes

I'm Not Going to Hurt You - Cati + Mike Gonzalez 

La Prova - Eliana Crestina

Liv and Die - Cote Bellard  

Lucky Number 7 - Jessica Coleman

Mijo - John McCarney   
No Greater Love - Renée Padmore

Sparky and Al - Bernard Santora 



Flat-Chested Fran - Helene Taylor

The Path to Betrayal Phillip Tucker

Wild Geese - Matt Sadowski

Coconut Confidential - Lindiwe